Today I decided to have my back workout.  I’ve been doing the same workout for a couple of weeks now, and i have been getting all kinds of gains.  I’ve been focusing on something i’ve been neglecting earlier – muscle contact.  I’ve always been training back really heavy. as heavy as i could move, with pretty good technique, but i’ve been missing out on the squeezing part and really getting that burning feeling. So thats what im chasing right now.

I usually start with lats pulls, and – this is new for me as well – i does em behind my neck, and i go for like 15 reps, and MAN, it burns.  I love it. I’m seriously thinking of focusing on my backtraining, rearranging my workout split to have to back workouts, and maybe cut down on arms or something. We’ll see about that.

Next excercises is skipulls (?) with a rope in the cable machine. It’s supersetted with low rows in the cablerow.   Rowing is really getting me tired in a different way than before.

The i usually do tight latspulls and maybe a with row or something. Today i skipped that, bcoz lack of time.  I went straight to pullups, or chins as we lazy ass swedes say.

Inspired by the great Arnold Schwarzenegger, i’ve been aiming at doing 50 chins.  As many as i can do at once, get down, take a few breaths, then up again. i guess its like the 10 seconds between. (gonna use timer next time)  when i get down to like 3 or 2 reps i rest for like a minute, the next ”set” starts, and i go all in, again, and again.  i keep on doing that til im passed my goal.  My goal today was over 60, i got 72 chins.

Sometimes i put in somekind of row here, like a barbell row or a onehand row.  But today i was out of time.

Right now i’m pretty much as heavy as i ever been. So the amount of reps aint that high doing my chins. The fact that im doing them pretty much last aswell,  is holding the reps down.   When/if i change my split to a back focus, im gonna place the chings first in one of the workouts.    I’ve also some plas of going for weighted chins and do a new Warriors Chin Challange.

Heres pics from todays back workout, from instagram.
Todays back workout
Last weeks back workout.
Last back workout

Well… time for me to eat something before bedtime  (oatmeal of 5 dl oats, and some quark with funlight)

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